5-Year-Old Boy Left With Disfigured Face After Horrible Dog Attack At Friend’s House

A boy was left with a disfigured face after he was attacked by 2 rottweilers.

The incident happened in the town of Granite Falls, North Carolina, the United States of America.

Five-year-old Ryder Wells was attacked by the two 100lb (7st) beasts when he was just 21 months old, said reports.

He reportedly spent 14 hours in surgery after being airlifted to a hospital.

He reportedly lost his right cheek, the bottom of his eyelid, and 75 percent of his lip.

His teeth were also crushed in the incident.

Not only that, but he also suffered a broken arm and a puncture in his right lung.

31-year-old Brittany, the mother of the boy, talked about the incident and said:

In the beginning it was horrible because even adults would stare. For the first year, he had no face on one side because he had two unsuccessful skin grafts. When we go to the park, there’s a child who points and screams ‘monster’ at him before running away. Out shopping the other day someone shouted ‘ew’ at him. It’s hard and it breaks my heart as a parent that after everything he’s been through, people aren’t always nice over something he can’t help. But he is such a fighter, he doesn’t let anything hold him back.

Medical officers aid that the family of the dog attack victim was told that anything could happen anytime.

However, the 5-year-old boy defied all the odds.

He learned to eat, drink, and do other things before he attended pre-school and kindergarten.

Talking about the attack, they said:

It happened so quickly. We were visiting friends…we were eating breakfast and Ryder was back and forth to his toys and back for bacon then he disappeared. I looked out of the window and he was face down in the garden. He had pyjamas on and they’d been completely ripped off so he just had a sleeve on. When we picked him up and rolled him, his face was just gone. He’d been around the dogs before and they’d been fine so I don’t know what happened.

Luckily, the boy turned out to be a fighter and defied all the odds.

The mother of Ryder said:

The doctors said they would do what they could but we weren’t expecting him to make it. They said it’s a miracle that he’s still here because he was so small and the injuries were so severe. He had to have a tracheostomy because of the punctured lung and they thought that the dogs had bitten so far into his skull that he would be paralysed.

The 5-year-old boy is expected to have more surgeries until he fully grows up.

He is expected to have nose reconstruction, dental work, and other face related surgeries that will help doctors fix the disfigured face.

The 2 dogs that were involved in the attack were taken away by animal control and were put down on the same day.

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