6-Year-Old Gets Face Ripped Apart By “Lovable” Family Dog When Mother Was At Work

A 6-year-old boy got his face ripped apart by their lovable family dog in a horrible incident.

Camdon Bozell, the boy, is lucky to be alive after sustaining life-changing injuries after he was mauled by Chaos, their pet dog.

The incident happened when 29-year-old Tristin Lent, his mother, was at work.

The 5-year-old pet dog reportedly attacked the face of Camdon in a fit of rage after he got up to get a snack.

He was pulled away by a family member that was in the bathroom when the incident happened.

The 6-year-old boy had to undergo plastic surgery to reconstruct his face.

He has permanent scars on his face after the incident.

Emergency responders called the attack as “the worst thing” they have ever seen.

Tristin, the mother, is now warning other parents to not leave their pet dogs unsupervised with their children.

The mother, who now lives in Plainwell, Michigan, said that Chaos, their pet dog, never showed any signs of aggression before the attack.

Recalling the moment she got to know the incident, Tristin said:

When I got to the hospital, I feared the worst. They wouldn’t let me see Camdon at first and then a nurse came out and said ‘good news he’s breathing on his own’ and I freaked out – I thought why wouldn’t he be? If the dog had attacked him an inch or two below and got Camdon’s throat, my son would be dead. The dog was not even an inch from his eyes. I’m just happy his ears and eyes were okay. The first responders said it was the worse thing they had ever seen. And it was the worse day of my life. I spent a month crying for Camdon.

Tristin said that she left her son with a relative on the morning of the attack.

She said that she was at work when she got a call from the police that her son was attacked by their pet dog.

The mother said that she then rushed to the Bronson Hospital in Michigan, which is 1 hour and 30 minutes away from their office.

She was unable to see her son on arrival and spent over 30 agonizing minutes waiting in a room.

Tristin recalled:

I was panicking and crying after I got the call. I was shaking. I could barely drive. After waiting for half an hour, I got to see him briefly but they had wrapped his face in gauze. I didn’t know the extent of his injuries until he came out of surgery. And then I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that this dog did so much damage to my son. The dog had been around kids for its entire life and never shown any signs of aggression. He was called Chaos, but that name did not suit his temperament at all.

Tristin ended up staying in the hospital with her son for 3 straight days.

He went through plastic surgery to get his face repaired.

The mother said that he will need extra surgery to get his nose rebuild.

The pitbull was put ordered to be put down.

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