68-Year-Old Pensioner In Thailand Caught Having Sex With A 2-Year-Old Cow

A 68-year-old man in Thailand was caught having sex with cows, while he was completely naked.

The man was physically restrained by locals who caught him having sex with a 2-year-old cow named Non.

It is reported that the man dragged the cow into the bushes.

The owner of Non had heard stories about the animal being sexually assaulted in the field before. But the stories didn’t really bother the owner as they were not proven.

But one day, the owner saw the elderly man naked and having sex with the 2-year-old cow.

When the owner saw the man, his legs were covered in semen and had no clothes on.

The cow owner then called people to help him restrain the 68-year-old pensioner.

When the pensioner was asked by the police why he did such thing, the pensioner said he saw his friends enjoying themselves.

The pensioner allegedly told the police, ”The cow was not hurt and I only did it for pleasure. I have friends who have done it before and they told me it felt good so I wanted to try.”

Lt. Colonel Ronan Surawit, who is also the deputy director of police at the Hat Yai Police Station in Thailand, said that the man was detained for questioning.

Lt. Colonel Surawit said, ”We brought him for questioning where he eventually admitted the scandalous behaviour.”

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The pensioner said that he had done similar things with different animals before.

A local resident who helped the owner restrain the man, said, ”I was driving past the area when the owner cried for help, so I helped him catch this pervert. We saw sperm stains on his legs and also on the area where he tethered the cow. So we thought that he must already finish having sex her when we caught him.”

What was worse about this is that the man was only given a 300 Baht fine, which is equivalent to around 10 USD, and was sent home.

This is because Thailand doesn’t have any laws on bestiality.

The 300 Baht fine that was imposed was for public nudity.

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