7 Starving Puppies Rescued From Uninhabited Island In Manitoba

7 puppies were rescued from an uninhabited island in Manitoba, Canada.

The 7 puppies, who were named after characters on the Gilligan’s Island TV show were rescued from a tiny uninhabited island in Northern Manitoba.

Saving 7 puppies on an island

Rescue efforts are underway to save seven puppies abandoned on a uninhabited Island near Cross Lake Manitoba.A Cross Lake volunteer contacted Debra and passed along a phone number of a boater who came across seven abandoned starving puppies on an uninhabited Island, monday afternoon.NHARN has secured kennels and food that the boater (Jr. Cook) and friend picked up and now delivered to the starving puppies. Mr. Cook also brought them his dog house to keep them safe as we work on getting them out. The puppies need time to adjust again to humans. Efforts will be to focus on rehabiliting the pups and removing them from the island.We are driving up to get them!Donations for this combined effort with on site advocates and volunteers to norwayhouseanimalrescue@gmail.comor PayPal link on our page.**This Is How We Do It folks. Focus on stabilizing the dogs by ensuring they have food Water Shelter and then focus on removal**

Posted by Manitoba Animal Alliance on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Norway House Animal removed the starving puppies after they were spotted on a rocky island near Cross Lake by a number of fishermen.

Debra Vandekerkhove, the director of the rescue, said:

The dogs have actually turned around quite a bit in 48 hours. No broken bones or anything like that, that we can see.

The rescue got a phone call from one of the volunteers in Cross Lake after she was contacted by community member J.R. Cook and his friend, who spotted the dogs on the uninhabited island on the evening of Monday.

They said:

He said ‘Yeah, we heard this noise, you know crying or something, and we looked out with our binoculars in the dark, we could see shadows, we weren’t sure what it was.’

A day after they got the call, the pair took their boat over to the uninhabited island.

They then saw the 7 puppies.

The rescuers had to ferry food and clean water over to the animals along with a dog house.

It is believed that the puppies had been there for nearly 4 months.

There are 3 girls and 4 boys.

Vandekerkhove said that food and supplies were sent to the island so the dogs could be fed and taken care off, however, the dogs were skittish because they had no contact with humans.

The dogs were also in a malnourished state, however, their overall condition was good.

The Norway Animal Rescue transported the dogs through a van so they could reach Winnipeg, where they will be checked over by a veterinary.

The puppies were named after the characters of Gilligan’s Island as they were also stranded on an island.

It is still unknown how the dogs ended up on the island, however, local communities helped them rescue the puppies.

The northern communities will also help in controlling the dog populations.

The 7 puppies were transferred to Winnipeg, where they were placed up for adoption.

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