9-Year-Old Boy Catches Massive 80-Pound Sturgeon In Tennessee

A 9-year-old boy from Nashville, Tennessee, is making headlines all over the world after he managed to catch a massive 80-pound sturgeon while he was fishing.

9-year-old Coye Price from Bethpage said he had to do some fishing so he could catch up with his sisters, but he did not know that he would reel-in something very massive.

Price, who weighs only 55 pounds, hooked a 79.8-pound sturgeon in Spencer Creek, which by far outweighed any fish his sisters have brought in.

FISH OF A LIFETIME-CAUGHT AND RELEASED!Coye Price with a sturgeon caught on Old Hickory Lake. This 9-year-old was on a…

Posted by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency on Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The 11-year-old sister of Coye had caught a 40-pound striper recently and 8-year-old Farah had hooked a 58-pound blue catfish.

Chris Coye, the father of the 9-year-old boy, said:

Coye had been saying, ‘Man, I don’t have nothing on these girls; I’ve got to catch a big fish’. So not only did he catch a bigger fish than they had, but sturgeon are rare, which is the other cool part about it.

The 9-year-old boy was trying to catch a catfish with the help of the skipjack herring as bait in 25 feet of water.

After hooking the monster fish in the main river channel, it took the 9-year-old boy around 15 minutes to get it into the boat of his father.

After catching the fish, the 9-year-old boy released the massive fish.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said that sturgeon are one of the largest fish in Tennessee.

They also said that they could be the longest living fish in the state.

The lake sturgeon fish is capable of growing to up to 8 feet in length and can weigh up to 300 massive pounds.

Not only that, but they can live up to 150 years.

The best part about this is that the 9-year-old boy released the fish back into the lake after reeling it in.

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