Adorable Cat Is Escorted Off Train After Being Caught On Board Without Any Ticket

One of the last things that you would want to go through after a bad and long day is being escorted off a train after being caught on board without any ticket.

That thing happened recently, but not with a human, instead, with a cat.

Luckily, the entire thing was caught on cam, if it was not, I would have never believed it.

A stray cat is currently viral on the internet right now.

A video shows the stray cat found his way onto a high-speed train on the China-Mongolia border before being caught red-handed by one of the conductors.

Oh boy, they got it on cam.

The conductor ended up escorting the cat off the train after the latter was caught on the high-speed train without any ticket.

A woman ended up sharing the video of the hilarious incident on the internet and posted it with the caption of: “forced to leave the train after refusing to buy a ticket.”

The adorable cat could be seen walking off the train on his hind legs while it was being carried by the conductor.

The cat was safely removed from the train and was left at the station.

Let’s just hope that the station treated him respectfully and took care of him.

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