Adorable Caterpillar Has Tiny Penguins On Its Back

An adorable caterpillar was spotted with tiny penguins on its back, leaving everyone who sees it amazed and flabbergasted.

After taking a close look at a caterpillar, the pattern really looks like tiny penguins forming a line, waiting for the music to start so they can start to dance.

From far, far, away, the pattern of the caterpillar looks like a simple white stripe.

But these patterns do not last forever.

By the time the forest tent caterpillars hatch in the early spring, their penguin sweaters are out of fashion.

Tent caterpillars, which are 2-inch caterpillars, are often found in big groups all over North America.

Tent caterpillars are mostly found in the silk in the crooks of branches on bark, such as big hammocks.

During night time, tent caterpillars forage for food, snacking on their host tree’s leaves.

In large groups, these caterpillars are capable of defoliating trees. Healthy trees usually recover pretty fast, especially after winter.

After the tent caterpillars eat their fill, they find a folded leaf so they can tick themselves into and spin a cocoon. They do this to emerge as a fluffy moth in the early summer.

If you want to be amazed by caterpillars, make sure you stop for a couple of seconds and take a closer look. Who knows, you may find lions or more penguins.

Animals and nature are pretty wild and adorable at the same time.

What do you think about the penguins on the back of the caterpillar? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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