Adorable Dog Goes Mad After Realizing She Can Control The Light

An adorable little doggo is viral on the internet right now after she was caught on cam getting amazed by the fact that she could control the light.

Can’t believe what we just said? Well, watch the video below.

Slug, the pooch, was hanging out at home when she landed on a lamp, a touch lamp, which goes in power and off the power after touching it.

When the dog got in touch with the lamp, she was amazed because it went dark right away. After touching it again, there was light, so she was amazed and shocked at the same time.

After figuring it out, the dog just kept on repeating everything.

Natalie Hart, the owner of the dog, said:

She just kept going back and turning it on and off throughout the evening.

Natalie said that the entire incident went on for 1 hour after she discovered that she could do such thing with a single tap.

Natalie said she just laughed at Slug as she watched how amazed the dog was with the powers that she just got.

After 1 hour, Slug gave her powers to rest and just went on to being a dog instead of a dog god.

Talking about the dog, Natalie said that her pet dog knows how to brighten up her day when she’s feeling a bit down.

What do you think about the adorable pooch and her act? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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