Adorable Elephant Takes Nap In Pool And Uses His Trunk As Snorkel

An adorable elephant known as Colonel was caught on cam taking a little nap this week in a pool by leaving his trunk up so he could breathe while relaxing in the water.

In the video, Colonel, who lives at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, USA, could be seen lifting his trunk up to breath as his entire body was under the water.

It is said that Colonel was a little hesitant about swimming in his pool at first, but since getting comfortable, he takes naps in the waters.

Colonel is 29 and weighs about 9,500 pounds.

The pool that he could be seen lying down in is located in an off-exhibit area at the zoo that is still under construction.

The video of Colonel was credited to Christine, a zookeeper that is part of a team that looks after Colonel.

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