Adorable Little Rescue Kitten Takes Her Teddy Bear With Her Everywhere She Goes

Rescue animals are the best animals, they cherish you and love you with their entire hearts. Sometimes, it’s not just humans.

An adorable little rescue kitten takes her teddy bear with her everywhere she goes and the pictures of the duo are just adorable.

A woman from countryside Indiana, USA, was doing some chores around her farm on the morning of a winter day when she heard noises coming out of her barn. 

She ended up finding a helpless stray kitten lying on the cold barn floor.

The woman rushed to grab a blanket and wrap it around the kitten, which was shivering in extreme cold.

The woman waited with the kitten for her mother to return, but no one did.

The woman took the kitten and tried to take care of her, but everything failed as the cat was just scared.

After her failed attempts, the woman ended up contacting the Catnip Etc, a local volunteer-based rescue group.

The amazing group brought in the kitten on the same day.

The kitten was covered in fleas and lice.

The staff shelter believes that the cat is around 10 days old.

The staff had to bottle feed the little one and even gave her a teddy bear doll so she could cuddle with the fluffy one.

They ended up getting attached to each other.

The kitten had fleas and lice all over their body too, said the staff at the animal rescue.

The kitten got so attached to the bear that the little one started to show some improvement right away.

The cat was craving human attention, and when she was not getting any, the little one would start to cuddle with the little bear.

The kitten was also introduced to a foster mother, but the little one still loves to wrap her tiny paws around the teddy bear.

The stray kitten is growing into a stunning one.

Let’s just hope that she gets a permanent home where she could be loved.

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