Adorable Pitbull Won’t Stop Smiling After Getting Adopted

The best feeling in the world is when someone accepts you for who you are no matter what the situation is and makes you feel special. This applies to animals and humans, and the best way to prove that is the smile one can see.

To prove that, we bring you an amazing story from California, USA.

An adorable pitbull, who is now an internet star, was adopted by a family and since that day, he won’t stop smiling.

Meatball, who is also known as Meaty, was once a sad-looking shelter dog when he arrived at a high-kill shelter that is located in Central Valley, California.

Meaty was about to be euthanized in case he did not find a home and his time was really short.

Luckily, Meatball was noticed by The Fresno Bully Rescue, who helped the dog find a forever home.

Lisa Reilly visited the shelter a couple of days after Meatball arrived and instantly, the 2 clicked.

Lisa said that Meatball looked like her previous pooch, who sadly died a couple of months earlier.

Lisa said that she did not want to waste time, so she just went straight to fill in the adoption forms.

She said that she was keen on taking Meatball with her home.

Because of being adopted, the dog started to smile, the smile is so recognizable that he hadn’t stopped smiling since then.

Meaty currently lives with Lisa and her huge family, which includes 2 other pitbulls, Ricardo and Punky. Dappe and Bitte, the Dachshunds, also live with the pitbulls.

Meatball currently has over 157,000 followers on Instagram.

You can follow Lisa’s Instagram page so you can keep up with Meatball and his very big family!

Share this amazing story with your family and help them get a smile amidst all the negative things that are going around!

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