African Elephant With Bullet Stuck In Its Head Walks Up To Humans Calmly To Ask For Help

A poor elephant was caught on cam asking help from humans after it had an infected bullet stuck in its head.

It is reported that this elephant suffered a gunshot wound to the head by poachers.

The elephant walked up to a group of vets and asked for help.

A group of doctors that were traveling through Zimbabwe was shocked when a massive African elephant walked up to their vehicle, and stopped them, acting like it needed help.

Initially, the doctors got scared and were in shock, but upon looking closely, they realized that the poor fella had an infected head wound that was caused by a bullet.

The bullet became embedded into the skull of the elephant and lucky for the animal that it did not manage to kill him despite being near its skull.

Doctors understood that the elephant was in pain, so they acted fast.

The doctors shot a power tranquilizer to sedate the elephant, and they took a field x-ray of his head to see where the bullet was.

The bullet was found deep in the skull of the elephant, and upon realizing that it was in a very lethal spot, they had to get it out.

So instead of bringing the elephant to a facility to carry out the surgery, the rescuers just performed an operation at the spot.

The doctors managed to remove the bullet out of the skull in a successful manner, which helped them save the life of the elephant.

It took some time for the elephant to wake up, considering that it was heavily sedated.

The group of doctors ended up naming the elephant as “Pretty Boy” and went on to stay in the area for some time to make sure that the elephant was doing well after the emergency wildlife surgery.

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