American Trophy Hunter Receives Thousands Of Death Threats For Posting Pictures Of The Wild Animals She Killed

A trophy hunter nurse from Boise Idaho said she is receiving death, rape, and murder threats after she started to post pictures of the wild animals she killed in her hunting trips.

Kate Small, a trophy hunter, and a nurse have killed wolves, bears, deer, and hogs in her hometown of Boise Idaho. She has also gone on trophy hunting trips to South Africa.

After her successful hunts, Kate Small posts pictures of the carcasses of the animals on Instagram, where she has over 27,000.

Kate says her biggest kill is a 6ft black bear that weighs over 350 pounds.

Small has been hunting for over 10 years now and said she has plans to introduce Finley, her baby daughter, into the sport of killing.

Small explains her reason for hunting.

She said, “I like being able to know exactly where my food came from and not only that but working extremely hard to get it. I like being able to provide organic, nutritious meals for my family. This lifestyle also lets me create everlasting memories with my friends and family.”

Smalls added, “Even if I am unable to harvest an animal, memories made on a mountain, battling the elements and being pushed to your limit are invaluable. It’s a true test of your inner strength and character. I salvage as much of the animal as I possibly can. I always keep the head and hide for mounting. The meat is what we live off of, we butcher it ourselves and then we will eat it the rest of the year.”

The hunter continued, “Aside from wolves, as they carry parasites that are dangerous to eat and the meat is bad, I don’t hunt anything I won’t eat. I never take an animal for fun, it’s for food or for conservation.”

Smalls said she has received death threats not only for her but also for her one-year-old daughter and her pet dog.

Smalls added she has received thousands of death threats online.

She continued, “I have actually received thousands of death threats. People saying things I’d never wish on my worst enemy. I’ve had hundreds of people also threaten to rape and murder my one-year-old daughter. I recall one person saying, ”I’m going to put your baby in a blender and listen to her scream”.”

She added, “I’ve also had people say they are going to murder my dogs, which just doesn’t make any sense to me, you’re mad that I killed an animal, so you’re going to kill an animal. For the most part I try to use education and explain why I do what I do but I must admit sometimes my sarcasm gets the better of me and I respond with humor. I usually laugh the death threats off, if you are threatening someone who hunts apex predators for a living, you mustn’t be very bright.”

Despite killing animals for the sport, Small says she respects animals and cares a lot about them.

She explained, “Those that I know who hunt, including myself, have an immense respect for animals and care deeply about them, that’s another reason why we do what we do. Every year fish and game [authorities] comes out with new quotas specifying what and how many of each species in each particular area can and should be hunted. These quotas are based on scientific research to help keep the populations at their healthiest.”

She added, “Hunting helps these animals combat spread of disease and competition for food. I know people think hunting is cruel, but it isn’t, you know what’s cruel? Mother Nature. Have you ever seen an elk get half eaten by wolves and suffer for hours while it slowly and painfully dies? Have you ever seen a mule deer gradually waste away and eventually die of starvation? I don’t know about you, but to me a single shot to the vitals sounds like a much better way to go.”

No matter what your explanation is, killing animals in an unnatural way is not acceptable.

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