Australian Family Spots Massive Eastern Brown Snake Lurking Outside Their Sliding Door

Burn down that house before it is too late!

A massive eastern brown snake was discovered lurking outside the house of an Australian Family and believe us, it is really big.

The snake, which is the second most venomous snake in the world, was found outside the house of the family.

According to reports the incident happened in Reesville, which is located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

The Eastern Brown Snake is known for being one of the most aggressive snakes and being one of the most fastest.

They live in populated areas and are frequently found living under the sheds of houses, especially during Spring and Summer.

The snake is the second most toxic snake of all land snakes throughout the world and they are capable of causing paralysis if they are not treated properly or in the right time.

Dave, a professional snake wrangler from the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, was the one that was called on to the scene.

They caught the snake and relocated it in the wild, where it belongs.

Just look at that massive snake, scary, right?

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