Australian Man Kills Venomous Snake While Driving, Gets Pulled Over By The Police For Over Speeding To Hospital

A man from Australia was pulled over by the police for speeding after he killed a snake that “bit” him while driving.

Driver fights off deadly snake on highway

This slimy passenger would be sure to make any driver hysssssterical! 🐍😱

Posted by Queensland Police Service on Monday, 6 July 2020

Upon knowing, the police let off the hook and told him to go to the police.

Jimmy, the man, was spotted by the police in June 2020 going 76 miles per hour on Dawson Highway in Queensland.

The incident was released to the public during a press release.

Jimmy reportedly told the police that pulled him over: “A brown snake or a tiger snake is in the back of the ute.”

A body camera footage of the incident was released by the Queensland police.

Jimmy said:

I think it’s bitten me, it was in the car with me.

Moments earlier, Jimmy told the police that he spotted the venomous eastern brown snake slithering between his legs as he was driving the vehicle at around 60 miles per hour.

He told the officers:

The more I moved my legs … it just started to wrap around me. Its head just started striking at the [driver’s seat], between my legs.

Initially thought that he had been bitten by the snake, and killed the snake with a knife.

He planned to take the snake with him to the hospital so the doctors could treat him properly.

The police body camera footage showed the dead snake in the back of the truck that Jimmy was driving.

The officer called an ambulance and told the dispatcher that the driver of the vehicle was panicking.

The officer also confirmed to the dispatcher that he was conscious and breathing.

It was later found out that the eastern brown venomous snake did not bite him.

He also avoided getting a speeding ticket.

Jimmy told the cop:

It was pretty bloody, terrifying. I’m not going to lie. I’ve never been so happy to see red and blue lights.

The best thing about this is that the snake did not bite Jimmy.

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