Boy With Down’s Syndrome Who Does Not Allow Anyone To Come Near Him Allows Dog To Love Him

In times like these, we do not like to see someone that is not normal and instead of treating them in the right way, we push them away from us, thinking that they might be harmful to us and the people that are around us.

A story that was shared on social media recently shows the unconditional love of a dog and a special child.

The entire story is just amazing and touching at the same time.

Herman, a 5-year-old boy that has Down’s Syndrome from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is special and everyone around him understands that, so all he receives is love.

Not only from humans, but the kid is also loved by the animal that is around him too.

Herman started to shut off people away from him because kids his age do not understand the condition that he has.

He even cut off his own mother, Ana, but the boy had love inside him.

One day, Herman med an adorable Labrador named Hymalia.

The dog understood that the kid is special, so they did their part.

The dog carefully approached the boy and made sure that they did not scare the little one.

The boy did not get afraid and made sure that Hymalia’s wooing and loves were rewarded.

Ana, the mother of Herman, caught the entire thing on camera and everything about the video is just amazing and special.

The video was shared on social media along with the caption:

Herman is a bit withdrawn and flees from physical contact, he does not like being touched, but Himalaya [the dog] insisted so patiently, and she was so soft that’s why it is so moving, she is left to do anything.

It’s really good to see that animals are way more compassionate and loving than us humans, really, it’s just amazing.

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