Boy With Itchy Nose Discovers There Was A Leech Living Up There

Itchy noses are weird and they just annoy the living heck out of everyone. Once we feel an itchy nose, we blow, pick, rub, and scratch it just to feel better.

Sometimes things are worse, and we just don’t realize it.

A young boy from China had an itchy nose, however, he did not know that his case was extremely worse than he thought.

When his father brought him to the hospital, he was not expecting to be told that inside his son’s nose was a leech.

Thanks to the assistance of Doctor Li Wenbo, an ENT specialist at the Donghua Hospital in the city of Dongguan, in South China’s Guangdong Province, the 9-year-old boy was treated with expert care.

According to reports, Dr. Li removed a 2-inch leech from the nose of the 9-year-old.

When the boy arrived at the hospital, he was complaining of a constant inch.

The doctors carried out a quick endoscopy into his right nostril, revealing the squirmy parasite, measuring out 2.3 inches.

The leech was attached to his nasal passage and was seen having a fest on his blood.

Dr. Li said, “The leech’s suckers were fixed on the nasal passage, so it was very unlikely to just fall out. It was also covered in a layer of slime, making it very slippery when trying to grip it.”

The entire procedure took around 30 minutes.

The leech was removed from the nose, and according to reports, it was seen wriggling around on a surgical tray.

Dr. Li explained, “It was probably very small when it first entered the boy’s nose, but it grew as it fed on his blood.”

If you are wondering how the leech managed to get inside the nose of the 9-year-old boy, continue reading.

According to the doctors, the leech probably got inside the nose of the 9-year-old during a recent trip to the family’s countryside hometown.

The 9-year-old reportedly drank uncooked water, which is most likely the source of the leech.

The 9-year-old boy, whose identity was not shared with the public, is fine and is recovering from the minor surgery.

If you’re wondering about the damage that the leech made, don’t worry it was only a single leech.

In order for a leech to suck all your blood, they need to be at least 1000 to 1400 sucking all your blood at once.

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