Bridge Inspector Risks Life To Rescue Dog That Got Stranded 120 Feet Above River

Mississippi, USA: A bridge inspector was on his ordinary workday when he ended up spotting a dog that accidentally got on the wrong side.

The dog was spotted 120 feet above the Mississippi River.

Ryan Nataluk, the bridge inspector, was working along with his crew on the afternoon of Sunday when Cragi Jenkins, an engineer of the bridge inspection team, noticed that there was something unusual at the Natchez–Vidalia Bridge.

Craig called over the radio and said that they had spotted a dog.

The team had never seen a live dog before stuck at the Natchez Vidalia Bridge and initially, they thought that the animal that they had spotted was a raccoon.

After investigating, they realized that it was not a raccoon, instead, it was a dog.

The poor pooch got stuck on a lower chord of the bridge.

The puppy that they saw was really shy at first, said the team, but she got to realize that they were there to help, so she warmed up.

Nataluk, the vice president and the lead engineer of Stantec, has been inspecting and climbing bridges for over 23 years.

Talking about the rescue, Nataluk said that he did not even think twice about anything.

He added:

I go camping and climbing all over with my family and dog. I’ve had to bring my own dog across rivers and even haul him up peaks and overtime I’ve figured out how to make makeshift harnesses.

Little did he know that such experience would come in use one day.

After alerting the police about the incident, Nataluk jumped into action so he could use his skills to rescue the dog.

He used a piece of chord that he fashioned into a harness to make sure that the pooch would become secure.

Nataluk says that he climbed down on the bridge deck and palced the dog in harness.

John Fenly, a police officer, pulled the dog up to safety.

When the dog got to safety, the dog started to walk right away and started to wag her tail immediately.

The Natchez Police Department said the dog was adopted soon after her rescue.

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