Caught On Cam: Zookeeper Attacked By Lion In Front Of Visitors During Feeding Time

A video, which is viral on the internet right now, shows a zookeeper being attacked by a lion when a man was trying to feed it in front of a group of people.

In the video, a staff member can be seen throwing raw meat into the enclosure of the lion when the wild cat decided to attack the staff.

The lion attacked the man, biting down on his arm through the bars, and grabbed him closer to the enclosure.

The incident reportedly happened at the Karachi Zoological Gardens in Karachi, Pakistan.

The staff tries to break free, but the lion tightens its grip and keeps him close to him.

As the attack was going on, other employees of the zoo watched and did nothing.

People who were watching the lion shouted and hissed at the animal, with hopes of scaring it away.

Eventually, the lion stops the attach and lets go of the man.

After the attack, the man sits on the ground in shock as blood was pouring out of his injured arm.

Reports suggest that the zookeeper was rushed to the Civil Hospital Karachi, where he was treated for his injuries.

The man is reportedly in a stable condition.

Qamar Ayub, the director of the Karachi Zoological Gardens, said, “Our staff member was provided immediate treatment and he’s stable now.”

The director added, “It’s an unfortunate incident and we have all sympathy with the zookeeper. We are providing the best possible treatment to him and hope that he would be back home in two to three days.”

The zoo released a statement about the incident, where they pointed out that the zookeeper violated the policies of the zoo.

The director said the man was feeding the lion from the wrong end of the enclosure, which placed his life at risk.

The man sustained cut injuries on his arm and is currently recovering from the injuries. Official reports said the man is in a stable, yet serious condition.

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