Chained Lynx Attacks Trainer During Circus Performance

A chained lynx attacked its trainer during a circus performance in Georgia.

In the video above, the lynx can be seen chained at the top of a platform stage in Tskhinvali, Georgia, as a man in a gold jacket appears to yank it by a rope.

Eventually, the platform collapsed and the chained lynx fell on the floor.

It later ran around as the audience of the circus looked in shock.

Moments into the video, the chained lynx can be then seen leaping at the trainer, and attempting to maul him with its claws as screams echo around the venue.

It is still not clear whether the trainer in the video was injured.

According to local media, there were many children in the audience.

Authorities said if there were no barriers installed between the stage and the seats, the wild animal could have attacked the audience, particularly the children.

This is not the first time an incident like this has happened before.

Last year, A circus trainer in Russia was mauled by a huge black bear during a circus event after the poor animal was forced to push a wheelbarrow as humans do.

The entire incident was caught on cam, and in the video, you can see the trainer being mauled by the huge circus bear after it was being forced to do acts as humans do.

According to reports, the bear was being forced to push a wheelbarrow around like a human, before it attacked one trainer on the stage.

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