Chinese Zoo “Glues” A Basket On The Back Of A Tortoise To Catch Money That Is Tossed By Tourists

A zoo in China is currently being criticized for gluing a basket on the back of a tortoise so it could collect the money, mostly coins, that are thrown by the tourists at the animal.

The staff of the zoo also attached a flag of China onto the tortoise.

The incident happened at the Nanning Zoo, which is located in the provincial capital of Guangxi.

The management of the Nanning Zoo is currently investigating the manner.

The horrible images of the tortoise were shared by Tea-tia, a Weibo user.

The user said that the image was taken during the National Holiday.

The user added that a number of children and families were present at the zoo when the picture was captured.

In tradition, Chinese people say that chucking coins at a target be good and can ward off evil spirits.

The turtle in the picture is an African Spurred tortoise.

It is reported that the web police, state media, and the National Forestry Bureau stepped in and are investigating the incident.

While sharing the images, the user said, “I don’t know why the zoo would use this method to exhibit precious animals.”

The user said the tortoise in the video was in a bad environment and it had no keepers with it.

The spokesperson of the zoo said they are investigating the incident.

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