Dog Left With Horrific Injuries After Cruel Owner Tied It To Car As Punishment For Misbehaving

A dog was left bleeding from horrific wounds after being tied to a car and dragged along a motorway in Ukraine for biting its owner’s wife.

Barsik, the dog in the video above, was skinned to the bone due to the incident.

The incident happened near the town of Krasyliv in the Western Khmelnytsky region.

Barsik, the dog, was chained to a moving Volkswagen and left a mile-long blood trace on the road, which was seen by drivers passing by.

Sergey, a person that saw the horrific act, said he can never forget what he saw.

He said, “When I saw this awful episode I could not just forget it and do nothing. I blocked the motorway with my car and forced the Volkswagen driver to stop.”

He added, “I untied the dog. The skin on its paws was peeled off. The wounds were bleeding horribly. The Volkswagen driver said that he was punishing the dog for biting his mother. He said he was going to drag it to the woods and left it there to die.”

A picture taken by Sergey shows Barsik lying in the pool of blood on the side of the road.

The owner of Barsik can be seen standing next to the pooch as he looked emotionless.

According to reports, the dog left a mile-long blood trace on the road.

The witness took the pooch to a vet, who treated the poor little fella for deep wounds, shock, and a number of bruises.

Vasyl Vovk, the vet that treated Barsik, said, “The dog received wounds to its paws, stomach, and neck. In several places, the skin is peeled off to the bone.”

The vet added, “After being tortured, the animal could not stop shaking for the next two days.”

Volodymyr Baidych, the owner of Barsik, was identified after the videos and images of the incident went viral on social media.

The police said they have launched a criminal case against the owner of the dog, who is a local top official.

Inna Glega, the spokesperson of the Khmelnytsky Police Department, said, “The suspect said that he wanted to dump the dog in the wood after it bit his mother.”

Inna added, “He is under investigation for animal cruelty. He faces up to three years in prison if found guilty.”

An animal rights activist said that Barsik is getting better.

Elena Golubnichaya, an animal activist, said, “Barsik is receiving all medical help he needs and is getting better. He is very affectionate and friendly.”

This has to be one of the most horrific animal abuse cases of this year.

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