Dog That Ran Away Out Of Fear Found 300 Miles Away From Family House After 8 Years

A dog that ran away 8 years ago out of fear after being shot at by a farmer had been reunited with its family.

Kavik, a Malamute-German Shepherd, was reunited with his family this week after his picture was posted on social media.

The owner described it is a Christmas miracle.

Kavik, the dog, was found in Birmingham, which is 300 miles away from South Lanarkshire, where he went missing.

In May 2012, Stevie Rodger, the owner, took his 2 dogs, Konan and Kavik, out for a walk.

However, the pair ran off into a nearby field full of sheep.

A farmer shot at both animals after that and he said that he heard the “most heart-wrenching sound”.

Konan, one of his dogs, was killed during the fire, however, Kavik, his other dog, was nowhere to be found.

The dog ran away out of fear.

Despite a long and thorough search for the dog, Kavik was not found, so the family gave up despite offering a large reward.

But everything changed recently.

On November 17, 2020, the Birmingham City Council put out an appeal looking for Kavik’s owner.

The picture that was posted on the Facebook page of the council showed a thin dog.

The description of the dog was timid and friendly.

On November 18, 2020, Doglost got in touch with Stevie, who had previously reported him missing to the website.

The owner of the dog said that his partner and children were really happy after getting to know about the incident.

In a post that was made on Facebook, Stevie said that his night was changed.

Stevie also said that the dog looked exactly like Kavik, but the pooch was very malnourished and was looking bad.

Kavik was just 18 months old when he went missing.

After receiving the message from Doglost, Stevie said that he sat up all night just looking at the picture of the dog.

He rushed to Birmingham the next day to meet the dog.

Stevie added:

I jumped in the car in the morning and drove all the way to Birmingham still not sure if it was my boy. But when I got there I knew instantly it was him and I just burst into tears. He came running over to me and started licking me like he’d seen me just yesterday. It was a very emotional reunion. I can’t quite believe it’s been more than eight years that he’s been gone but he has settled back in fine.

Such an amazing thing to share with everyone in times like these!

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