Duck With Arrow Sticking Out Of Its Head Rescued Months After It Was Shot By Thugs With Crossbow

A duck with an arrow sticking out of its head in the Czech Republic was rescued by the authorities 3 months after it was shot by thugs with a crossbow.

The duck survived after being shot by thugs with a crossbow.

The incident happened on the river Radbuza, which is located in the Pilsen City of the Czech Republic.

Despite continuous attempts to rescue the duck, it managed to fly away whenever rescuers came close to him.

Karel Makon, the head of the animal rescue center in the city, released a statement about the incident and said:

The first time we tried to catch him was in April. But it was in vain. We tried many times but he always flew away, and he recognised us. He couldn’t be caught.

The poor duck was shot in with a crossbow.

It reportedly had a steel-tipped arrow attached to a fishing line.

Luckily, the duck was caught this week.

Makon added:

On Monday we succeeded by taking advantage of the fact that the duck was molting, so he wouldn’t be able to fly until new feathers grew. This time I was standing on the shore with a landing net on a long pole. Hanka and Radek distracted him in their kayaks.

When they caught the duck, Makon was above him.

He continued:

I quickly swung the landing net into the grass and managed to catch him. He didn’t have a chance to escape.

The duck was later brought to a local vet, where he went through an x-ray machine.

He later went through a surgery, where the vet removed the arrow safely.

The duck, who was not given a name, was released back into the water.

Makon said:

It is possible that he was the victim of poaching. There was a fishing line on the arrow. It looks like a targeted hunt, but we lack evidence. Or it may be vandalism.

The police are now looking for the person or persons behind the cruel attack.

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