Elderly Singaporean Woman Calls Over Turtles To Give Them Back Scrubs

A Singaporean woman found the key to get inside the hearts of the turtle and gain their trust.

While visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Nur Hafiza Ariffin saw a woman bringing out her brush and started to scrub the backs of the turtles.

Spreading kindness in every way possible.May Allah bless this beautiful aunty.I went to Botanical Gardens yesterday and saw this delightful sight, Aunty was happily scrubbing thick green algae off the backs of them cute terrapins.The terrapins happily came towards her to get their backs cleaned and once its done they cutely walked off. MasyaAllah such a heartwarming sight.Everyone needs a good back scrub once in a while, right!“Every act of kindness is charity.” ❤️A Beautiful qoute from our beautiful Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Posted by Nur Hafiza Ariffin on Saturday, 27 July 2019

Amazed with the kind act of the woman, other turtles at the Singapore Botanic Gardens came out from the water and lined up for a scrub.

Ariffin believes that the woman in the video wanted to remove the algae on the shells of the turtles.

It’s clear that the turtles loved what the woman was doing.

On her post on Facebook, Ariffin wrote, “Spreading kindness in every way possible. [The turtles] happily came towards her to get their backs cleaned, and once it was done they cutely walked off.”

She added, “Such a heartwarming sight.”

No need to say, the turtles had a great time with the woman.

In case you are wondering how turtles can trust someone so fast, it turns out that turtles love the feeling of bristles scrubbed on their shells.

So if you want to pet turtles, bring out a brush and start to brush their back!

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