Exhausted Rhino Decides To Rest On Highway Outside Kaziranga National Park

Because of heavy rains that are being experienced at the Kaziranga National Park, 95 percent of the park is underwater right now, which has forced thousands of animals to look for areas that are above water.

One of them is a rhino, but things did not go as well as you would have thought.

The rhino went out of the park, but when it came near Bandar Dhubi area at the Bhagori range, it decided to rest.

Caught on cam, the rhino could be seen calmly relaxing on the NH37 as officers guarded it, making sure no one would pose a threat to the animal.

Authorities then came out with a plan to make sure that the rhino will go back into the park, which they carried out successfully.

86 animals have died in the Kaziranga National Park due to heavy rains and floods.

125 animals have been rescued by the authorities.

There are 223 camps in the park, and 8- of them have been affected by the heavy rains.

The DFO Eastern Assam Wildlife division said that 6 camps have been vacated.

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