Family On Fishing Trip Net A Bobcat That Was “Thrashing Around” In The Middle The Flathead Lake In Montana

Brett Hereford and his family were fishing on a lake in Montana earlier this year when he made an adorable catch.

Flathead Lake Montana
Flathead Lake Montana

His catch wasn’t a fish.

According to local news agencies, Brett and his family were from shore in a boat on Flathead Lake when they saw something floating in the water.

The family decided to take a closer look at the thing, and when they came close, they found a bobcat having a hard time struggling to float on the water.

Brett got a Bobcat

Posted by Bob Hereford on Sunday, 6 October 2019

Instead of leaving the animal to die, the family decided to scoop the exhausted bobcat in a fishing net and bring it back on the land.

It is still not clear how the bobcat got into the lake.

If the family didn’t save the bobcat, it could have drowned.

According to Brett and his family, the bobcat was looking really tired.

The father of Brett shared a video of the bobcat being pulled out from the lake.

Posted by Bob Hereford on Sunday, 6 October 2019

According to Bob Hereford, the father of Brett, the bobcat was released onshore afterward.

Cindy Benson, a local woman who talked with Bob and Brett about the animal, said the father and son wanted to make sure that the bobcat gets returned to its natural habitat.

Cindy said, “It was quite the experience for those guys. They were just anglers that were fishing for Mack Days during the event.”

She added, “The bobcat was quite a way out (from shore) and they went over and looked at it. They believed that if they didn’t net it, it was going to drown. It looked really tired.”

She continued, “It was acting like it wanted loose, so they did take it into shore and turned it loose. Other anglers went over and watched the whole process. They saw it a while later on the other side of Finley Point walking along the shore.”

Good work lads, you saved a bobcat!

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