Fast As Lightning: Texas Man Jumps To Rescue Dog After Leash Got Stuck In Elevator

Fast as lightning is what I would call a Texas man who jumped to rescue a dog after its leash got stuck in an elevator.

A man with quick-thinking saved dog from death when its owner got onto an elevator while holding the dog’s leash, without realizing the pooch had failed to follow her inside.

Johnny Mathis, a man from Houston, was the man in the video that is viral on Twitter, a social media platform, right now.

Johnny tweeted a video of the incident where he said, “I just saved a dog on a leash that didn’t make it onto the elevator with the owner before the door closed!”

He added, “I just happened to turn around as the door closed and it started to lift off the ground I got the leash off in time.”

The video that he posted on Twitter has over 28 thousand retweets, over 129 thousand favorites, and over 1.9 thousand replies.

The video shows Johnny getting off an elevator and a woman who is walking her dog on a leash, getting inside the elevator.

The dog fails to get inside the elevator on time and the door of the elevator closes down.

The owner clearly failed to check out the dog, but luckily Johnny saw the pooch outside the elevator door.

Realizing the dog failed to get inside the elevator, Johnny jumps to save the dog by running and grabbing the pet.

He could be seen pulling the dog down as he tries to free it from the leash that was holding it.

Before everything got worse, Johnny managed to unclip the dog from the leash, picked it up, held it in his arms, and waited for the owner of the dog to come back.

Talking about the incident, Johnny said, “It was super scary and all I was focused on was getting that leash off the dog.”

Johnny said the owner was screaming when the door shut.

Johnny added, “There was nothing she could have done. She is new to the building so I think she wasn’t expecting it to shut so fast. I felt terrible for her. It was an honest mistake.”

Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you, Johnny.

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