Fish With Weird Human-Like Lips And Teeth Leaves Social Media Users Baffled

Photos that were shared on Twitter, a social media platform, have left social media users baffled as they showed a fish with weirdly human-like lips and teeth.

The Twitter user shared the images with the caption of: “Her lips are sexier than mine”.

The images show the fish with round lips and neat straight white teeth, which is scary and pretty amazing, considering the fact that the fish has better teeth structure than mine.

The post went viral right away, with having over 14,500 favorites, 8,500 retweets, and over 5,100 comments.

Here are some of the comments and memes people had left on the weirdly human-like fish:

No matter what we share, meme makers are always there to create something funny.

If you’re wondering what type of fish that was, it’s the triggerfish.

There are 40 different species of triggerfish all over the world. You might think they’re kind, but they are not.

With their strong and human-like teeth, they can be pretty aggressive. Experts said that they can rip apart sea urchins and even puncture diving suits.

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