Heartless Chinese Owner Dyed Pet Dog Orange And Black To Make It Look Like A Tiger

Humans are sometimes heartless, so heartless that we question their existence.

A tiger that was recently spotted walking on a street in China was real, but the pet was not a tiger, instead, it was a dog that was dyed orange and black by its owner.

In a footage that is viral on social media right now, a man in China could be seen walking a tiger-like creature.

The pet that he was walking had golden fur and black stripes, which made it look like a tiger, but in reality, it was just a Caucasian shepherd dog with dyed hair and a fake long tail.

The owner gave it a makeover to make it look like a tiger.

The bizarre incident was caught on cam by a pedestrian that was walking on a street in the city of Zhangye, Gansu Province.

The video shows the man walking an odd-looking tiger in front of people that were curious.

According to a local newspaper agency, the owner had dyed his Caucasian shepherd to make it look like a tiger.

He also wrapped a fake tail on the animal’s back for extra effect.

The owner also wrapped a fake tail on the back of the animal for some extra effect.

This is just horrible on so many levels.

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