Hero Pitbull Saves Woman’s Life By Attacking Intruder Who Tried To Strangle Her In Bed

Australia: A woman’s pet pitbull saved her life after a man tried to strangle her in her bedroom after breaking inside her unit.

The incident happened in Sydney’s Northwest.

60-year-old Susan Bandera was woken up when 34-year-old Peni Naiserelagi broke into her unit on Iron Street at North Parramatta in Sydney’s West at around 4 am on August 22, 2020.

Peni assaulted the 60-year-old and tried to strangle her.

Luckily the pet pitbull of the woman ran into the room and attacked him.

The attacker and the victim were known to each other, said the NSW Police in a statement.

Bandera was forced to hide in a bathroom while Peni fled after the dog attacked him.

The police were called to the house when they commenced an investigation.

Peni was arrested by the police from a house on Victoria Road at Parramatta about 10 pm on Sunday, the night of the incident.

He was brought to the Parramatta Police Station and charged with break and enter, and assault with intent to murder.

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