Hero Pregnant Dog Manages To Save 4 Patients From Fire In Hospice

A heroic pregnant pet dog ended up sustaining a number of severe burns after helping to save 4 people from a fire in a hospice.

Matilda, the dog, barked to alert her owner about the blaze.

She then entered the burning building, which is located in the Leningrad region of Russia.

After raising the alarm, the pregnant pet dog passed out after inhaling too much carbon monoxide.

She sustaining horrific burns from the fire, which she was reportedly licking afterward.

The 4 residents of the private hospice were brought to safety, thanks to Matilda.

Matilda was saved after she sustained her injuries

Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich, volunteers, rescued the animal.

A report that was published on the internet suggests that the poor dog was crying and trembling in pain after being rescued.

Animal campaigners at the Vasilek Shelter in St. Petersburg are hoping to save the pet dog.

The campaigners said that the injuries the dog had sustained range all over her body.

A statement that was released by the animal shelter states:

Matilda’s face, neck and abdomen were severely burned. She was checked by a fertility specialist who looked at her for a very long time and carefully studied the puppies. They are all alive and developing well. Now it is impossible to understand the number of babies she is carrying, since she is a big dog.

Matilda, who is being called as Motya in the animal shelter, will give birth, but will not be capable of feeding the little ones because of the injuries that she had sustained.

The hospice owner said that they will not be able to take care of Matilda due to the severity of her injuries.

Let’s all hope that the dog will recover from her injuries.

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