Homeless Man Left Heartbroken After Thieves Steal Dog He Saved From Bin And Nursed Back To Health

A homeless man from Sydney, Australia, is currently offering $300 AUD to anyone who can tell him where his dog is.

Shaggy, the pet dog of Nathan, was stolen by heartless thieves.

Nathan rescued the dog from a bin and nursed her back to good health in Surry Hills, Sydney 2019.

On August 30, 2020, the little dog was stolen from Circular Quay.

Nathan said he went to use a toilet for 2 minutes, and upon returning, Shaggy was not there anymore.

He ran around pleading for help, however, he was ignored by everyone.

A police officer also ignored the claims of Nathan.

During an interview with Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge, Nathan said that he just cried and sat on his bed after Shaggy was stolen.

He is currently offering a $300 reward for the returns of his best friend.

Nathan said he made a promise with Shaggy that he will be looking after her until the day she died.

When Nathan found Shaggy in the bin, he took her to a vet and was told by experts that she had been badly abused.

Nathan said that he set aside his own needs for Shaggy and would feed her quality food to make sure she would recover properly.

Talking about the impact of Shaggy on his life, he said:

I’m very picky about what she eats. I saved her but really she saved me.

Ever since being rescued, the 2 have been inseparable.

Nathan carried her everywhere he went.

Nathan is hoping that his best friend would return back to him and someone would help him find Shaggy.

Anyone who reads this article, if you have information about the whereabouts of Shaggy, please contact Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge.

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