Horrified Couple Find Massive 5ft Pregnant Rattlesnake Hiding Under Their Bed After Leaving Door Open

A couple from Arizona was left horrified after discovering a massive 5ft pregnant rattlesnake hiding under their bed.

An image of the horrible incident shows the snake hiding under a bed, the image was shared on social media.

The couple used a torchlight to shine a light on the pregnant snake under their bed.

After getting to see the massive snake, the couple called a rattlesnake catcher.

A snake catcher arrived and they were the one that took the picture, which was later shared on social media.

Mitchell Hawkins, the rattlesnake catcher, said:

I left my snake tongs in the car, since snakes like these I generally just grab them with my hands and put them in the bucket. I opened the bedroom door and looked down to see a giant western diamondback rattlesnake — that was also pregnant — sitting under the bed.

The snake that they captured was around 5 foot long, which is very large for a rattlesnake.

The snake was also in a defensive position when it was found by the snake catcher.

Hawkins used his tongs to grab the snake and place it in a bucket.

The couple was lucky as they did not step on the snake barefoot after they got out of the bed.

The couple went outside to smoke a cigarette and left the door open, which is how the snake got outside.

No one was injured in the incident and the snake was rescued by Hawkins in the best and safest manner.

The current health condition of the snake and the baby/babies it was carrying are not known.

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