Kangaroo Rescued After Being Shot With Bow And Arrow In Australia

A kangaroo was rescued by the authorities after it was found shot with a bow and arrow in Queensland, Australia recently.

Queensland wildlife was left heartbroken after getting to know about the incident.

RSPCA Queensland’s Michael Beatty said that “suburban d***heads” did the horrible crime.

Professional hunters shoot to kill their targets quickly so they do not have to endure pain, but people who do this type of cruel things for fun just hit the animal and let them suffer for a long period of time.

The kangaroo survived despite being shot.

During an interview with Yahoo News Australia, Beatty said:

We’ve had kangaroos and wallabies hopping around and sometimes it can take two weeks for them to be caught. It’s not like an episode of Game of Thrones, these animals aren’t killed immediately at all. They tend to be shot in the leg or just somewhere where it’s going to linger and then the wound festers. Eventually they die from blood poisoning or infection.

Authorities in Queensland, Australia are asking people with information about this latest attack or any other info to contact them or come forward so they could give justice to the poor kangaroo.


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