Leopard Manages To Get Inside Girls’ Hostel In India And Hides Under The Couch

Wildlife officials and zookeepers managed to get inside a girls’ hostel in India and gets to hide under the couch.

The zookeepers responded to a girls’ hostel in India after the massive and deadly cat got inside the building.

Mousumi Bora, the owner of the hostel in the Hengerabari area of Guwahati, talked about the incident.

Bora said that she thought there was a piece of cloth stuck under a sofa inside the hostel, but after touching the object, she realized it was a wild animal.

Bora and the 15 residents of the hostel barricaded themselves in a room while waiting for the police to respond with officials from the Assam State Zoo.

The personnel from the Wildlife Division and Territorial Division along with officials came to the scene to rescue the animal.

It took the authorities around 4 hours to corner the leopard and shoot it with a tranquilizer dart.

The leopard left the scene after being hit with the dart and ended up in a neighboring home before the sedative got to do its job.

The leopard was rescued and was brought to the Assam State Zoo.

The leopard was examined by the vets and was believed to be in a good condition.

Officials said that the leopard is going to be fitted with a chip and will be returned to the wild.

The good thing is that no one was injured in the incident.

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