Loyal Dog Waited 4 Years In The Same Spot Before Being Reunited With Owner

Dogs are extremely loyal. There is no proof needed to showcase how pure and good they are.

As an example of their love, a lost pup waited in one spot for 4 years before it finally got reunited with its owners.

Pictures of the do were shared online after Anuchit Uncharoen, a resident form Thailand, saw the dog lingering by the side of the road and looked like it was abandoned.

Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, 5 September 2019

Anuchit saw the dog at the side of the road in the Mueang District.

Anuchit said he saw a woman come to feed the dog after asking around if he found Leo, the loyal dog.

The locals named the dog Leo after realizing he was abandoned.

According to reports, Leo had a skin problem and became really thin due to living in the streets.

Saowalak Pinnuchawet, the woman who fed the dog, took Leo to her home so she could take care of him.

But days after she took her home, Leo escaped and left the house to go back to the side of the road.

Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, 5 September 2019

Instead of forcing the dog to live with her, the kind woman decided to deliver food to Leo

The story of Leo was shared on social media with hopes of finding its real owners.

A family contacted the poster and said that Leo looked like BonBon, a dog that they lost 4 years ago when they were on a trip.

Noi, the owner of BonBon, said they were on a trip to visit their relatives and lost their pet dog when they were stopping at a petrol station.

BonBon reportedly got out of the car and ran away.

The family tried to search for their pet dog, but their efforts failed.

When they saw the poster last month, they were really happy to find out that BonBon was still alive.

The wait of Leo paid off when it realized that its original owners had come back.

According to reports, the pooch wagged his tail in excitement when he realized his owners had come back for him.

But Leo was unwilling to go with his original owner. This is because the dog placed in one place for so long time.

Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, 5 September 2019

Noi, the original owner of Leo, and Pinnuchawet, the woman who was looking after the pooch when it was living on the side of the road, decided to come up with a decision.

The 2 concluded that Pinnuchawet would take good care of Leo.

They brought BonBon to a vet for a checkup before Leo could start living with Pinnuchawet.

We hope Leo would stay with Pinnuchawet this time!

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