Lucky To Be Alive: 2-Year-Old Boy Almost Lost His Life After Violent Dog Ripped Off His Cheek

A 2-year-old boy from Australia almost lost his life after being brutally attacked by a dog, which ripped off his cheek.

According to reports, the teeth of the boy were exposed following the attack.

Maxin Bennet from Christchurch, Australia, was attacked by Zeus, a Staffordshire bull terrier, on March 14, 2020.

His face is currently disfigured.

The 2-year-old boy was out in a driveway, holding a sausage and playing on his bicycle.

Although he was being watched by his grandparents while in Hastings, the dog still managed to attack him.

29-year-old Alana Trainer, the mother of the boy, was resting inside the house when the incident happened.

Trainer said:

My mum came screaming up to me that the dog had attacked my son. By the time I got out there my dad had him in his arms. The left side of his face had been ripped right back and you could see all of his teeth.

Maxin was rushed to Hawke’s Bay Hospital before he was airlifted to Christchurch Hospital for emergency surgery.

The accident has left Maxin with a permanent scar.

Alana, the mother, fears that her son will be bullied because of the scar.

She added:

He used to love dogs but now since he has noticed his scar he has been shying away from strange dogs often grabbing my leg and when my dogs get near him he now slaps their nose and says ‘ouchie’ which is what he calls his scar.

The owner of the dog is said to be the uncle of Alana.

Alana and Maxin were visiting the house of Peter Trainer when the incident happened.

Since the incident, the relationship of the family has been strained as the owner is refusing responsibility for the horrible attack.

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