Man Dies After Being Mauled By Shark At Popular Australia Tourist Spot

A shark managed to kill a 55-year-old man in Western Australia after their upper thigh and hand were bitten by a shark.

In this year alone, there have been 8 shark attack deaths in Australia.

The all-time record in Australia was set in 1929, where 9 people were killed during shark attacks.

The police were called to a tourist spot located in Cable Beach, which is on the coastline with the Indian Ocean.

The incident was reported at around 8:40 am on Sunday local time.

Despite the best efforts from the police and then paramedics, the man died from his injuries at the scene.

It was later reported that the man was pulled ashore onto the beach.

Local media reports that the man was bitten on the upper thigh and hand, which resulted to his death.

It is still unknown what type of shark inflicted the devastating wounds on the man.

Park rangers closed the beach right away after the death was confirmed.

A fishing vessel was deployed to patrol the area after the attack happened.

The police or officials of the beach did not reveal any other information about the incident or the victim that passed away during the incident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim, may his soul rest in peace.

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