Man Makes Adorable Tiny Picnic Table For Squirrels Living In His Yard

When you’re bored, you tend to do a lot of things, may they be productive or not, you do a lot of things.

Rick Kalinowski, a man with a plan, knew that he had squirrels living in his yard, so he decided to give the adorable little fellas a tweet.

Kalinowski says he has always been a fan of squirrels, so he wanted the little guys to know that he cared for them.

Kalinowski used the wood that he had in his house and ended up crafting a tiny picnic table for them.

The kind man nailed the table on his fence.

When the project got completed, he laid out a tasty spread of nuts on the teeny tabletop just for fun.

After the little fellas smelled the food, they arrived and started to eat.

Kalinowski says he often visits the table twice a day and has yet to leave a tip after their meals.

During an interview with The Dodo Kalinowski said that he believes the squirrels love his idea.

The best thing about this is that Kalinowski positioned the table just outside the window where he usually drinks his coffee.

So when he enjoys his coffee, he sees the tiny little fellas enjoying some food.

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