Man Saves Baby Eagle From Drowning In Lake

A man is viral on the internet right now showing a man saving a baby eagle from drowning in a lake in British Columbia.

Brett Bacon, the man in the video, planned a weekend getaway with his family, but little did he know that he will be ending up saving a baby eagle.

When Bacon, his partner, and child were boating near a cabin in Invermere, British Columbia, the man saw a baby eagle trying to stay afloat in the middle of the lake.

He saved the drowning baby eagle and made sure it was safe.

Bacon caught the entire incident on cam, and shared the video on social media with the caption of:

Happy 4th of July. Saved a baby eagle from drowning in the middle of the lake, had to prove to my son I’m cool.

According to reports, Bacon initially thought that the bird was a carpet that was floating in the water.

However, upon getting near, he realized that it was a bird.

During an interview with CTV News, he said:

It’s not weird to see eagles and osprey go into the water to catch fish and then pop back up, but this thing was soaking wet and barely above the water.

Thank you for saving such a precious animal Bacon!

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