Man screams in shock after spotting half-rat-half-worm like creature crawling on his bedroom wall

Something you would never want to find inside your house or anywhere near you.

A man from Thailand was left screaming in shock after he spotted a very weird and odd looking creature crawling on the wall of his bedroom.

In posts that were made on social media, a mysterious looking animal was seen climbing on the wall with a wave like movement along with its very squishy looking body.

Thawiwat Sangnoi said that the slimy creature had a rat-like tail and worm-like body when they saw it inside their house.

The incident happened in Roi Et province of Thailand.

Talking about the incident, the man said:

I got goosebumps looking at that thing, I have no clue what it is. It looked like an alien.

It was later revealed that the creature was a rat-tailed maggot, which later turns itself into hoverflies.

They use their long tails as a snorkel when they are underwater.

That is one pretty weird and scary looking animal to spot crawling on the wall of your bedroom!

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