Man Taking Nap By His Swimming Pool Startled Awake By Black Bear

A man from Massachusetts was woken up from his nap by a black bear that got inside his backyard and the entire incident was caught on cam.

Matt was a little startled yesterday while taking a rest by the pool 🐻*News outlets are free to use this video with proper credit*

Posted by Dawn Bete on Sunday, 13 September 2020

Matthew Bete, from Greenfield, was sleeping by his swimming pool when a bear walked in through an open gate.

Security cameras that are installed in the house of Bete caught the entire incident.

In the video that was shared with the public, the bear could be seen walking around and even went on to take a sip of water from the pool before it approached the sleeping man.

As he went to Bete, the bear stared for a bit before gently nudging his feet to wake him up.

As soon as Bete woke up, the bear ran away.

Bete woke up, saw the bear, and went on to take a picture of the bear.

He sent the image to Dawn Bete.

Dawn Bete, the wife of the man in the video, said:

He texted me a picture of the bear running through the front yard and said the bear nudged his foot while he was sleeping by pool.

Bete also shared CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook, where it left thousands of people scared and amazed at the same time.

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