Massive 18ft Great White Shark Caught On Cam Swimming Near Tourists

A monster 18 feet great white shark has been filmed swimming a couple of feet away from where a group of tourists are standing on a jetty.

The video that was captured by tourists on a boat showed a very large great white shark swimming past by a jetty.

A man could be heard saying “Oh my God, oh my God” in the video.

The short video was posted on Facebook on a page called Shark Diving Xperts last week.

Nothing to see here….just an 18ft Great White sharks cruising past!…….. @sherryj1118 @jimipartingtonsdx @sharkdivingxperts @islander_charters #jimipartington #sdx #sharkdivingxperts #islandercharters #shark #megashark #giantshark #sharkweek #discovery #discoverychannel #viral #greatwhiteshark #greatwhiteshark #jaws #amazing #giant #nature #wildlife #shotoniphone #savesharks #saveourseas #smile #lifeatsea

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

It is believed that the incident happened off the coast of Guadalupe Island in Mexico.

The video was shared by the group along with the caption of:

Nothing to see here, just an 18ft great white shark cruising past.

The video that the shared has over 28,000 views, 1,400 likes, 120 comments, and 474 shares.

Here are some comments people left on the video:

A user said, “I adore sharks, but in the same time i am afraid of being near”

Another user said, “I would have tried to pet it”

A third user said, “Looks like the big fellas holding back a big ‘fcuk off outa my way’”

The good thing is that no one got injured in the incident.

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