Massive Bear Wanders Inside California Grocery Store And Leaves With A Bag Of Chips

Imagine walking in the middle of the night to your local grocery store to get some snacks just to come across a bear leaving it with a bag of chips.

Sounds like impossible right? Well, nope. This happened in California and it is viral on the internet.

Adina Baidoo, a resident of California, USA, captured the footage on her mobile phone.

Bear wanders into grocery store

WATCH: A bear wanders into the Safeway in Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe for a bag of chips. 🐻😱 (📹: Adina Baidoo)

Posted by FOX26 on Thursday, 20 August 2020

Baidoo said that she was leaving the Safeway store in Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe with her cart at around 9:30 pm when she ended up in a head-on collision with a massive bear.

The bear that she came across had a bag of chips with him.

In the video that she shared on social media, the brown bear could be seen walking out from the supermarket with a bag of chips and is minding its own business.

According to reports, the incident happened earlier this week when Adina caught the animal shoplifting.

She caught the entire incident on her phone when she was leaving the Safeway store in Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe at around 9:30 pm.

Adina said she saw the brown bear wandering near a dustbin and eating some of the garbage that was present there.

When she returned after leaving her shopping bags, she saw the bear holding a bag of Tostitos chips in its mouth as it walked out of the shop.

During an interview with KUTV, Adina said:

Someone made a high pitched sound that startled me so I looked up, and it is a good thing because I almost walked into the bear.

According to reports, the bear did not cause a scene and luckily, no one sustained any injuries.

The Safeway store did not release a statement about the icndient.

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