Massive Great White Shark Swims Below Group Of Surfers Who Were Waiting To Catch A Wave

South African surfers and a kayaker came face to face with death when a man-eating Great White Shark swam right below them as they waited to catch a huge wave.

Drone footage that was shared on social media shows the man-eating shark, which is estimated to be around 10 ft long, cruising among the group of seven surfers.

The surfers had no idea about what was below them.

The incident happened on Tuesday at the Plettenberg Bay in Western Province, which is located in South Africa.

For around 25 seconds no one had a clue on what was lurking beneath them, but at some point, a kayaker in a green canoe nearly bumps into its tail and realizes that the shark was there.

He then shouted to alert a friend on a surfboard whose legs are just a couple of feet away from the jaws of the Great White Shark.

The surfer then paddles away.

The surfers then catch a wave, which took them away from the shark.

Luckily, the shark also went away on its own.

As other surfers got to know about the shark, they paddled to the shore and alerted the authorities, who clear out the beach and ordered everyone out of the water.

Craig Lambinon, a press spokesman for the National Sea Rescue Institute, released a statement about the incident, where he said:

A large amount of shark sightings and some encounters have been reported close in shore along the Plettenberg Bay coastline over the past few weeks and on Sunday and today. Drone footage of a large Great White shark in close proximity to surfers in Plettenberg Bay today highlights the urgency of this safety appeal as they are in very close.

In the last 10 years, 12 people have been attacked and killed by sharks in South Africa.

Official data shows 5 kills were done by Great White Sharks, 4 by Bull Sharks, 1 by a Tiger Shark, and 2 by unknown sharks.

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