Massive Vulture Hitches Ride On Paraglider’s Selfie Stick

In a video that is viral on the internet right now, a vulture could be seen flying along with a paraglider and calmly sitting on a selfie stick that was being held by one of the paragliders.

The video that we are talking about is so viral that it has got over 2.5 million views on the internet alone.

On Reddit alone, the video has over 2 million views.

The video shows the bird landing on the selfie-stick and sitting on it for a couple of moments before it flew away.

The 2 men were reportedly gliding above the picturesque mountains in Algodonales, Spain.

The place is a known destination for paragliding.

It was later reported that the birds landing on the selfie stick was not just a once in a lifetime moment. Instead, the vulture that was seen in the video had been trained to do such amazing and very rare acts.

Scott Mason, a paragliding instructor that works with SkyWings Adventure in Spain carried out in what many experts call “parahawking”.

In this act, a trained bird of prey guides him on flights to thermal columns that help them make their trips in the sky more birdlike.

Birds are masters when it comes to flying.

Mason has been training birds since he was just 10 years old.

He told experts that he carried out this act to increase awareness about animals that are known as apex predators.

He said: “My aim was to create awareness, to portray them in a more positive light and educate people about the important role they play in our ecosystem.”

The birds are given treats before and during the trip to help them keep focused.

Small pieces of meat and other types of food that the predators love is given to them during the paragliding.

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