Monster Who Was Jailed For Having Intercourse With Chickens Will Not Be Banned From Owning Pets After Release

A pervert monster that was jailed for having sexual intercourse with a number of chickens will not be banned from owning pets after he gets released from prison.

37-year-old Rehan Baig, who is from Shepherd Street, Bradford, was arrested by the authorities for having sexual intercourse with chickens.

He also downloaded sex abuse images of children and videos of dogs having intercourses with humans.

On his sentencing on Monday this week, Baig was described as a manipulating and controlling person.

He reportedly stored films under the term family videos on a computer that he had in his house.

In a raid that was carried out in July last year by the police, the property of Baig was seized by the National Crime Agency.

They found the sick footages.

According to Prosecutor Abigail Langford, some of the recordings were made in the basement of their house.

38-year-old Haleema Baig, the wife of the monster, admitted 3 charges of aiding and abetting sexual intercourse with an animal by filming her husband.

She used her personal smartphone to do so.

Langford said that one of the film clips showed Baig having sex with a dead chicken.

Earlier this Baig pleaded guilty to offenses such as having sexual intercourse with an animal, downloading indecent images and movies involving children, possession of extreme pornographic images including bestiality, and possession of cocaine and cannabis.

He denied having possession of child sex images and movies on his device.

Initially, Judge Richard Mansell QC banned him for life from keeping him any animal in his house.

But last week, the same Judge had to take that out of the order because Baig was not charged with animal cruelty.

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