Mysterious Alien-Looking Creature With Human Arms Freaks Out Social Media Users

From time to time, social media users or travelers come up with something no one has ever seen or discover some hacks, but this new thing that was discovered by a TikTok user is leaving everyone freaked out.

Viewers have been left baffled after a video emerged of an alien-looking creature that was clinging its long arms on a rock.

The video was shared by “stinkyeyescrappy” on TikTok and asked social media users about the mysterious alien-looking creature.

The creature in the video looks like a lizard that has long arms and a tail, which left everyone baffled as no one could find out what the creature was.

In the video, the creature could be seen clinging to the edge of a rock and not moving for a bit as the woman moved the camera to show the front.

Do you know what the animal in the video is? Let us know what it is by leaving a comment below!

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