New Study Warns Yorkshire Terrier Dog Can Go Extinct In Less Than 20 Years

A new study warns that the famous Yorkshire Terrier pet dog can go extinct in the United Kingdom less than 20 years from now.

According to official numbers, the ownership of the loveable breed has been on the decline for over the past decade by 80 percent.

The numbers are similar with Siberian huskies and Bichon Frises.

The number of French Bulldogs inside houses has increased by a massive 1,427 percent.

Corgis and Daschunds are also on the rise, said the study.

Experts believe that people and social media influencers that love to flaunt their exotic breed pet dogs are the people that are responsible for the drop in the figures.

Matthew Sweeting, a researcher, said: “What’s particularly jarring about this analysis is that it shows the cost of opting for a popular breed on social media – like the French Bulldog – in place of one that has healthier genetics and therefore a better quality of life.”

He added, “It’s easy to think of well-known breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier and Siberian Husky as staples in the UK, but they’re at a very real risk of extinction if dog owners continue to choose their pets based on their perceived popularity online, rather than considering alternative breeds.”

He continued, “Although at the end of the day it’s up to owners as to what dog they want, we’d always advocate adopting rather than buying, especially if it encourages breeders to stop rearing dogs that suffer from health issues as a result of increased supply and demand.”

Let’s all hope they stay with us forever, until the end of time.

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